The Hanen® Parent Training Programs:

An intensive Parent Training Program run by our Hanen® Certified Instructors who have extensive experience working with young children and their parents. The programs will guide you in learning strategies that you can apply within your everyday life to enhance communication skills in your child. Through the use of role play activities, group discussions, and hands on training, parents learn to create and take advantage of everyday opportunities to improve their child’s communication skills.

Your Child will:

    Show gains in speech sound development
    Improve social interaction
    Increase vocabulary
    Use more multi-word sentences

Parents will:

    Learn how to be less directive and more responsive to their child
    Use language appropriate to their child’s communicative level
    Use language promoting strategies throughout a typical day
Group sessions will consist of 4-6 caregivers of children who are struggling with developing and using language.
There are several programs that are designed for parents of children with communication delays based on the level and causes.
It Takes Two to Talk
More Than Words
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